Development Labs

Every year at the Members’ Retreat there is a buzz about all of the new ideas floating around. Members are motivated and excited to return home and implement all that they have learned. However, when you return home you have to catch up from the four to six days of work that you have just missed. You may be short-staffed, caught up in other projects, or dealing with unexpected issues. All of those new ideas that are going to make you more money are pushed to the back burner. By the time you are ready to start working on them, it is time to gear up for the holidays – and now you’ll be busy until January! Sound familiar???

We want to make it as easy and turn-key as possible for you to attend the Members’ Retreat and go home and implement all those great ideas. The From Idea to Implementation: Business Blueprints guide and IPI Development Labs were designed to do just that. And, if you are unable to attend the Retreat, these planning tools will still easily provide you detailed recipes to cook up year-long success!

IPI Development Labs™: IPI is developing a series of Development Lab programs (complete guides for turn-key implementation of various models into your business) that you will use in conjunction with the Business Blueprints workbook. The initial Development Lab programs are for Sports & Event Photography, Video Services, and Custom Framing. These three Development Labs will provide all of the information that you need to get started (or move forward) in these business segments. Watch for announcements on as we continue to add more of these Development Labs in the future, on a variety of business models.

Brainstorming & Project Management Worksheets: While we can provide a generic guide for adding new business modules or entering into a new business model, your business is unique and will require you to do a bit of brainstorming and planning to effectively implement it. The Brainstorming & Project Management worksheets in the booklet will help you to identify your goals and create a solid plan around them. They will also help you communicate your expectations to your staff and to delegate tasks accordingly. You can use these in conjunction with the IPI Development Labs™ or other additional ideas gained from the Members’ Retreat or the IPI Forum.

Time Management Guide: The final section of the booklet will assist you with effectively implementing more than one new idea, while still keeping up with your day-to-day responsibilities.

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