Membership Application

Thank you for choosing to submit an online application. The application begins after the disclosure of the Membership Fee Policies below. Scroll down!

In addition to this online application, all of the following must be submitted in order for your application to be processed:


  • Complete, signed Electronic Payment Authorization Form
  • Complete, signed W-9 Form
  • Initiation Fee (see Membership Fee Policies below) - Full deferment to annual profit sharing distribution is currently available. $0 DOWN!
  • Membership Dues (see Membership Fee Policies below)
  • Transfer Fee, if applicable (see Membership Fee Policies below) - Did you purchase a business from an IPI member?
  • Reinstatement Opportunity Fee (see Membership Fee Policies below) - Were you previously an IPI member?


All applications are subject to approval by the IPI Board of Directors within 12 months of receipt. Approval is at the sole discretion of the Board, upon the advice of the Director of Membership and Executive Director and based upon the information collected throughout the application process.

If approved, you will be set up as a member and you will receive an email containing all important details, including your IPI membership number and your username and password for Please submit questions to Brenda DiVincenzo, Vice President of Member Success, at or (702) 617-1141 ext 205 or (702) 524-1415.




Membership Fee Policies


1. $2000 Initiation Fee
a. Due in full with Membership Application.
b. Payment program may be available. We are currently offering full deferment to annual profit sharing distribution - $0 DOWN!
2. $100 Monthly ($1,200 Annual) Membership Dues
a. $100 automatically withdrawn on the 10th of each month via ACH - checking account. (Quarterly option available.)
b. May pay full year ($1,200) in advance on or before January 1 via ACH checking account, check or credit card.
c. First payment:
i. If paying monthly, dues begin on the first full month after join date.
ii. If paying annually, annual dues are prorated at the number of full months remaining in the calendar year times $100 (due at time of joining).
3. Reinstatement Opportunity Fee
a. If dues were last paid within 12 full months, $50 per month of non-payment must be paid as a reinstatement opportunity fee.
b. If dues were last paid more than 12 full months ago, a $600 reinstatement opportunity fee must be paid.
c. Reinstated members must pay dues via ACH, following the guidelines under #2 above.
d. Any unpaid initiation fee will continue to be deferred and collected.
e. Members may only reinstate one time. If reinstating a second or subsequent time, the member would be considered new and be subject to a new $2000 initiation fee. In this case, the initiation fee cannot be deferred to their profit sharing distribution. The $2000 must be collected up front.
4. $500 Transfer Fee
a. If a member's business and/or equipment have been purchased, continued IPI membership is desired, and all IPI membership dues of purchased entity are current; a $500 transfer fee can be paid to continue purchased entity's membership.
b. Ongoing dues must be paid via ACH, following the guidelines under #2 above.
5. Termination Procedures for Non-Payment of Dues
a. Accounting sends a 30 day notice. A $50 late fee is charged.
b. Accounting sends an intention of termination notice at the 60 day mark with a termination date at the 75 day mark. A second $50 late fee is charged.
c. The Director of Membership sends an official termination letter via certified mail at the 75 day mark.
d. The Director of Membership officially terminates past due members that have received the three notices above at the 90 day mark.
e. A terminated member may reinstate following the guidelines under #3 above.

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